• Raves

These three…

How I have enjoyed watching these three grow! I first met this family when their oldest was just about to be a big brother. My how they have changed!


Family Portraits

I’m so glad this mama contacted me to update her family portraits, they were LONG overdue! We had a great evening together!

Growing up

Boy, these two are growing up so fast in front of my camera! Little man is in the busy-busy stage and wasn’t as excited about portraits but still managed to ham it up a little bit in between his explorations.

Little Miracle

This little guy decided to make his grand entrance into the world 6 weeks early, taking everyone by surprise. After a short NICU stay he’s growing wonderfully. He is such a little miracle, and a much prayed for blessing. Welcome to the world sweet boy, I am so glad you are here!

Friends for life

What a wonderful thing a sibling is… a built in friend for life! I’ve been photographing this guy since he was a newborn and now he’s such an adoring big brother. It is the sweetest thing to see. And his baby sister will do whatever she can to keep up with him.

What a difference two years can make!

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